The Woman with Large Nose is a minor character in the 2010 movie  and a courtier of the Red Queen played by Holly Hawkins. She disguised herself in a long nose so she could be able to join the Queen's court. 


The Woman with Large Nose is a courtier of the Red Queen along with five other court members. Her cover was blown after her false nose fell off while The Hatter was fitting the Red Queen in hats. The Hatter discovered the nose, and he informed her that it "smelled that she had dropped something."

Later on at ther The Dormouse and The Hatter's morning execution, The Hatter informed the Queen her court were all fakes and ripped off Lady Long Eears 's false ear. Lady Long Ears and the Man with Large Belly both blamed The Woman with Large Nose as well. Enraged by her courtiers, The Woman with Large Nose points out the Man with Large Belly's false stomach, and later on the Queen announces their execution.

After sneaking away from the balcony while the Jubjub bird was released, The Woman with Large Nose and the rest of the court's fate remained unknown.

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