Marceline Saga

aka Marcy

  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is ⚕️
  • I am an ESTJ-A Female
  • Bio M. S. is a trainee doctor. She spends her spare time editing on wikis, drawing, and sometimes reading. She's a Content Moderator in Hunterpedia and a Bureaucrat in Bee And Puppycat Wiki. You might also find her making tiny edits in many other wikis.
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  • Marceline Saga

    Fan Art

    August 20, 2017 by Marceline Saga

    Hello everyone.

    So if you haven't noticed yet, I'd deleted the fan art page since I don't think it proper to have fan arts in a main page. I moved its content here, however. If you would like me to add your fan art(s) in here, please post it/them in a comment and add the link to your art blog or whatever website you published them on before. Yes, you must do that and yes, that's necessary. We do not want to be sued for copyright infringement!

    And of course, the fan art must has been made about Alice in Wonderland, or any Alice-in-Wonderland-related, like a fan art about the author. Enjoy and that you!

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  • Marceline Saga

    I've found the early draft of the 2010 movie only...Where can I find the second one's? I really need it :(

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