"Time is a he?"

- Alice about Time
Alice Through the Looking Glass - promotional image - Time

Time is the former main antagonist of Alice Through the Looking Glass.


Time is a part human, part clockwork being who resides in an isolated area of Underland that can only be accessed though specialized grandfather clocks. He lives in The Void of Infinity in the Castle of Eternity which is a giant black castle that from the sky resembles a giant clock.

He is the keeper of the Chronosphere; a golden spinning orb that powers the Grand Clock of Time. He and his seconds ensure the Grand Clock is maintained and keeps running; subsequently keeping all of time running in Underland. Time himself is connected to the Grand Clock; at one point calling it and he one in the same and reacts in pain when it or the Chronoshpere are disturbed.

Time's secondary duty is the custodian of the pocket watches that represent the living within Underland. When a pocket watch stops Time will remove it from the room of Underland's living and place it the room of Underland's deceased.


Initially coming off as grouchy and impatient Time had little patience for just about anyone. He prefers people get straight to the point when talking to him and will speed up a conversation when he feels it is going to slow. He does have a softer side for his seconds; apologizing to one of them after inadvertently insulting the creature. He is also calm and respectful when tending the life timers of the inhabitant's of Underland. After removing an expired lifetimer from the living room he muses that he hopes the owner of the watch spent their allotted time wisely.

Living a predominantly solitary existence when he does receive visitors Time has a habit of showing off and grandstanding; acting arrogant. Despite this he takes his duty seriously; refusing Alice use of the Chronosphere despite her noble intentions due to the risk to Underland its removal was create.

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