Oraculum to post
Vital statistics
Type Calendar
“It tells of each and every day, since the beginning.”
The Oraculum is the compendium of Underland. It is an illustrated scroll that tells the history and future of Underland. Each day has its own name and picture. Few of the days feautured in the 2010 movie are the Griblig Day, Horunvendush day and Frabjous day. The Griblig Day is the day when Alice ventured into Underland, met several other characters, and was chased by the Bandersnatch. The Horunvendush day is when the Red Queen took control of Underland which is shown in the Mad Hatter's flashback. The Frabjous day is when the final clash between the White Queen and Red Queen's forces. The White Queen wins when her champion, Alice, slays the the Jabberwock.


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