“- Tell me what the Red Queen has done.
- It's not a pretty story.
- Tell me anyway.”
~ Alice and the Mad Hatter
Participants The Mad Hatter
The White Queen
The Jabberwocky
The Knave of Hearts
Date Unknown
Location Hightopp Village

The Horovendoush day is the day when the Red Queen took control of Underland. The events of that day were shown it the Mad Hatter's flashback. In the Horovendoush day the White Queen was at a festival at the Hightopp VillageHightopp Village when the Jabberwocky, on the orders of her sister attacked the village. The White Queen managed to escape, but lost her crown and the Vorpal sword, which was found and taken away by the Knave of Hearts. During the events of the Horovendoush day, the Hightopp Village was completely destroyed and the Mad Hatter was the only villager who survived.