Alice in Wonderland - The Futterwacken!!01:11

Alice in Wonderland - The Futterwacken!!

The Futtewacken Dance!

The Futterwacken is the name on a dance for which The Mad Hatter is well-known to perform in moments of great joy and celebration.

The Futter Wacken Dance was created for Disney by Roy Spencer ( Bandersnatch Films)

The dance was created on set at Anthony House, first by Roy ,then followed by some brave extras! Then later of course some more famous legs , Johnny Depp . The Mad Hatter character became a kind of hybrid between them, Roy Spencer was the also the CGI model for the character , the character base was already created , even before Johnny was signed up to the film , so a crazy dance was inevitable at some point. The pre production for the Mad Hatter was predominately created by Roy Spencer and Depp took the character on , to complete the job and what a fantastic job he did!

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