McGee’s Alice:

1.       Family was killed in a fire; Alice suffers from survivor’s guilt and is sent to a mental institution for insanity and catatonia.

2.       10 years of living in the institution, Alice is sent back into broken wonderland to save herself, her destroyed memories, and her damaged subconscious.

3.       Red queen signifies Alice’s guilt about her family’s death.

4.       19 years old, as of 1875

5.       Dr. Angus Bumby uses hypnosis to “cure” patients

6.       While in wonderland, Alice has short periods of reality where she learns that her sister, Lizzie, was first killed in the fire, but was farthest from the source.

7.       Queen of hearts is Alice in her younger form.

8.       Alice learns from the Red Queen that the Doll maker is destroying wonderland and everything joyful.

9.       Alice once defeated the red queen, in the original Alice in wonderland

10.   The Infernal Train is destroying Wonderland, which contains the doll maker

11.   The Doll maker is Dr. Bumby’s version in wonderland

12.   Alice then returns to reality and starts to recall memories from the night of the fire.

13.   She figures out that Dr. Bumby is the reason her entire family was killed in the tragic fire.

14.   Dr. Bumby is trying to erase the memories of Alice and other children, leaving them like a “blank toy.”

15.   Dr. Bumby erases memories from children who were victims of child molesters and abuse for a price.

16.   Alice then confronts Dr. Bumby at the train station and admits to his crimes.

17.   Lizzie refused to be a victim of Dr. Bumby’s, which is why she was the first killed and the reason the fire was started.

18.   Dr. Bumby then tells Alice that when her memories are wiped clean, he will remain a member of high society and she will have nothing left of her family or wonderland.

19.   While all of this is happening, Alice is fighting the Doll Maker in Wonderland and she defeats him, giving her the strength to push Dr. Bumby into an oncoming train, thus killing him.

20.   At the end, Alice’s mind is mixed between Wonderland and reality.

21.   All the damage that was made in wonderland is permanent, which signifies Alice will always be broken mentally.

22.   Though Wonderland is damaged, it is safe from harm.

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

1.       Alice is 19 when she returns to wonderland, 13 years after her first visit.

2.       Alice is the only one who can slay the Jabberwocky which is controlled by the red queen.

3.       Alice is mourning her father’s death; she has a reoccurring dream about him.

4.       At the beginning of the movie, Alice is attending a party where she is confronted by a marriage proposal.

5.       After running from the proposal, Alice finds a white rabbit in a blue coat and falls down the large rabbit hole.

6.       She is transported into Underland where she is greeted by the rabbit, a mouse, and the Dodo; they argue whether she is the right or wrong Alice who can slay the jabberwocky and restore the white queen’s rule in wonderland.

7.       The Red Queen’s army informs the Red Queen that Alice has returned, which threatens her reign over Wonderland.

8.       Alice then meets up with the Mad Hatter and is informed how bad Underland has become, and that Alice is not the same as she once was.

9.       The Hatter then sacrifices himself to save Alice from being captured.

10.   Alice and Bayard the bloodhound then go to rescue the Mad Hatter.

11.   Since the Red Queen does not recognize Alice, she invites her in as a guest.

12.   Alice learns that the only weapon that can seize the Jabberwocky is locked away in a case located in Bandersnatch’s cage.

13.   Alice then finds and retrieves the sword, befriends the Bandersnatch.

14.   Alice is caught, but escapes with the Bandersnatch.

15.   She arrives at the White Queen’s castle.

16.   The Cheshire cat saves the Hatter from the red queen and the Hatter calls for rebellion.

17.   Both sides’ armies prepare for battle, which is taken to the White Queen’s castle.

18.   Alice is unsure if she can destroy the Jabberwocky and the Red Queen for good, but then comes to the conclusion that she has to or Underland will be destroyed for good.

19.   The Red Queen sends forth her chosen champion to fight the White Queen’s champion, Alice.

20.   Alice slays the Jabberwocky, thus ending the battle of the two armies; The White Queen regains power over Underworld.

21.   The Hatter begs Alice to stay in Underworld, but Alice insists that she must return to reality.

22.   Alice returns to her reality and pleas to live her life as her own.


·         Both Alice’s are mentally unstable, McGee’s is insane and schizophrenic while Burton’s is going through changes and doesn't want to grow up.

·         Both return to wonderland at the age of 19.

·         Both return to wonderland for the same concepts, to save and protect themselves from the outside world.

·         Cheshire cat aids in both and helps Alice figure out right from wrong.


§  McGee’s Alice entire family was murdered while Alice’s dad was just killed in the war.

§  McGee’s Alice must destroy the doll maker while Alice must destroy the Jabberwocky.

§  McGee’s Wonderland cannot be rebuilt and remains damaged while Burton’s Underland is cleaned up and put back to normal.

§  The Red Queen in McGee’s Alice is helpful to Alice while the Red Queen in Burton’s is evil and is making everyone in the Underworld miserable.

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