Gender Male
Hair Color Grey(Gray), White
Occupation(s) King
Family Knave of Hearts
Relationships Queen of Hearts (wife)
Friends Alice
The King of Hearts is a character from Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.



The slightly timid husband of the loud-mouthed Queen of Hearts, the King of Hearts is a co-ruler of Wonderland. He secretly pardons most of their subjects after his wife sentences them to death (The Duchess wasn't pardoned by the King). All of his servants are the playing cards. Most people in Wonderland like the King better than the queen because he is kinder. After Alice left the March Hare and The Mad Hatter, she came into the garden and saw his servants painting the roses red frantically because the queen likes them red. So when Alice disobeys the queen the king reminds his wife that Alice is only a child.


The King of Hearts is also the ineffective judge presiding over the trial of the Knave of Hearts, who was accused of stealing tarts.

Other AppearancesEdit


Disney's Animated FilmEdit


The King of Hearts is a tiny man who has a tendency to sleep a lot. He in fact is scared of his own wife. He caused Alice to be executed a second time because he hit the Queen of Hearts with a hammer and blamed it on the Hatter who blamed it on the March Hare who blamed it on Alice.

Kingdom HeartsEdit

The King of Hearts doesn't appear but he fell asleep and let the Queen of Hearts take over.

"Alice in Wonderland (1999)Edit

In this film, he is an antagonist to Alice, not a help to her.


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