"The once so fine and highly valued village which inhabitants were an important design leaders in Underland. Its inhabitants with their most luxurious designs and finest costumes were the royal hat-makers of Underland. The villages loved to celebrate in the central garden. Yet now everything is burned to the ground. Only the old ruins tell the story of the once so blooming great village of Underland. Almost nothing was left after the Red Queens attack. Only Tarrant Hightopp survived. " 

Not much is told about this once so lovely place. During the filmTarrant Hightopp [Hightopp] (The Hatter) tells Alice the destruction and war Red Queen caused during the Horunvendush day. In the brief flashback.

But there are many pics of the village and its people, which were all part of the Hightopp clan. 

Costumes of the villagersEdit



The lavish architehture of Hightopp village reflected the happy mood of its in-habbitants.

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