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Birth date 1854
Birth name Edith Mary Liddell
Gender Female
Nationality English

Edith Liddell was the younger sister of Alice Liddell. She, along with her sisters Alice and Lorina Liddell were told the original story by Lewis Carroll, when he took the sisters on a boat trip on July 4, 1862.

Edith in the storyEdit

Edith is portrayed as the Eaglet in the story. Some sources also report that she, not Alice, was used as a model for Carroll's original illustrations that he drew for Alice's Adventures Underground.

Later lifeEdit

Edith died in 1876, at the age of 22, shortly before she was to be married. In addition to her connections to the famous story, she is immortalized in a stained-glass window as Saint Catherine of Alexandria at The Christ Church in Oxford, England.

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