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Gender Female
Color White with brown spots
Eye Color Yellow
Friends Alice Kingsleigh
Enemies Red Queen
Knave of Hearts
Strengths Running
First appearance To be determined
Last appearance Alice in Wonderland (2010)
The Bandersnatch is a creature in Lewis Carroll's novel, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. Though it doesn't make an appearance in the book, it is described as a swift-moving creature that can expand its neck and has fearsome jaws.

Other AppearancesEdit

It appears in the 2010 year version of Alice in Wonderland as a jaguar-like creature under control of the Red Queen. It is large, with a barrel chest and fore-paws that are quite dexterous. It's covered in pale, shaggy fur with dark gray spots, and has a somewhat flat (but not pug) face, with a wide mouth that has multiple rows of teeth and a long tongue. It also has a long tail. It doesn't speak, but seems at least somewhat intelligent. Evidently it has venomous (or otherwise poisonous) claws, wounds from which will 'putrefy' unless treating by someone with evaporating skills-barring that, they may also be treated with the saliva of the Bandersnatch itself.

It appears crashing through a wall in the Mushroom Garden. Red Knights appear from behind it as they attempt to capture Alice's friends while the Bandersnatch chases Alice. Alice stands still believing since it is a dream, the Bandersnatch can't hurt her, but when the Dormouse appears to save her by stabbing out its eye, it slashes Alice's arm while roaring in pain.

It appears again sleeping in its house going to Alice entering its house as it woke up, but not after she gives its eye back. When Alice tries to open the chest containing the Vorpal Sword the Bandersnatch turns around to strike again, but when Alice shows her swollen wounds, the Bandersnatch felt guilt as she passed out. The next morning when Alice woke up, it cleans her wounds and allows her access to the Vorpal Sword before going back to resting. When Alice is surrounded by Red Knights near the Bandersnatch's house by command of Ilosivic Stayne, it crashes out of the house and escapes to Marmoreal with her on its back thus becomes Alice's ally.

On the Frabjous Day, it appears again with Alice coated in armor on its back. It goes with the White Queen's army to the chessboard battlefield as they come face to face with the Red Queen's army. When the Red Queen orders an attack after the Mad Hatter interferes the duel between Alice and the Jabberwocky, the Bandersnatch along with the White Queen's army fights in a battle against the Red Knights.


In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland game for Wii and PC, it is the first Boss of the game. The player must distract it by throwing rocks using The March Hare's Telekinesis ability. And as it move in circle, it will charging to strike. The player must change to The White Rabbit and stop it at the right time. Then, the player changes again to The March Hare to lift up a pillar. As the Time Freeze's effect's gone, it will crash the pillar, making it unconscious for a while. This is the chance where the player can attack the Bandersnatch. The player must repeat untill 3 times, then The Dormouse will poke its eye and the Bandersnatch will then flee.

In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland game for Nintendo DS, it is the boss of Chapter I. It attacks the player shortly after she is joined by Absolem. The player must use Absolem to fly up to the ceiling in a small gravity pillar on either side of the arena. The player must then lure the Bandersnatch into the larger pillar in the centre; this will cause it to fly up and hit the ceiling, stunning it temporarily. While it is in this state, the player must hit the Bandersnatch to damage it. After it gets back to its feet, it must be thrown back to the floor using the same method, stunning it again and allowing the player to attack. The player must repeat this pattern to defeat the boss. After its defeat, the Bandersnatch is ambushed by the Dormouse, who cuts out its eye which is then picked up by Alice. The Bandersnatch later appears guarding the Vorpal Sword in Chapter IV. However, it allows the player to pass when Alice returns its eye.


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