If you’re always late for a very important date, then this door is sure to help you hurry along.

This enchanted door to Wonderland has been specially crafted from stunning, natural wood*, and even comes with its own protective curtain should you wish to keep it hidden from prying eyes. The door is supplied with a single gold


Alice's Door to Wonderland

en key for security, and the handle is the perfect size for small hands, or rabbit paws, to operate.

Section headingEdit

This door may not be suitable for use by anyone over two feet tall, unless they have first consumed the DRINK ME potion (sold separately*). The miniature dimensions of the door make it perfect for use in crowded hallways or garden rooms.

We can’t guarantee that on the other side of this door you will find a tea party, or get to play croquet with the

Queen of Hearts, but it will help you transform your home into a fantastical, magical Wonderland.

Section headingEdit

*No caterpillars were harmed in the production of this door.

*Please note that following use of the DRINK ME potion, we recommend using the EAT ME cake should you wish to grow again. However, please note that we cannot take responsibility for your resulting size.

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