Broadway productionEdit

Original Broadway Cast (2014)Edit

Principals (in order of appearance)

  • Taylor Louderman as Alice
  • Charl Brown as Bill the Lizard
  • Lindsay Nicole Chambers as Pat
  • Holly Davis as The White Queen
  • Rory O'Malley as Dormouse
  • Patti Murin as Dinah
  • Nolan Gerard Funk as The Caterpillar
  • Sherie Rene Scott as The Queen of Hearts
  • Gregg Edelman as The King of Hearts
  • Jackie Burns as The Hatter
  • Tess Ferrell as Jubjub Bird
  • Aaron Tveit as The White Rabbit
  • Jason Patrick Sands as Hatta
  • Robyn Hurder as The Red Queen
  • Caesar Samayoa as Haigha
  • Danny Stiles as Bandersnatch

Ancestors, Townspeople, Enchanted Objects, Painting Flowers and Citizens of Wonderland: Aaron J. Albano, Polly Baird, Larkin Bogan, Charl Brown, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Holly Davis, Christian Delcroix, Bryan Fenkart, Tess Ferrell, Stephanie Gibson, Pia Hamilton, Fred Inkley, Jawan M. Jackson, Reed Kelly, Kristen Martin, Alexandra Matteo, Aubrey Morgan, John Eric Parker, Chase Peacock, Elena Ricardo, Julius Anthony Rubio, Jason Patrick Sands, LaQuet Sharnell, Kellen Stancil, Betsy Struxness, Blake Whyte.

Standbys: Standby for The White Rabbit - Jeremy Jordan. Standby for Alice - Krysta Rodriguez.

Understudies: Understudy for Alice - Kristen Martin, Betsy Struxness. For The White Rabbit - Christian Delcroix, Blake Whyte. For The King of Hearts - Fred Inkley, John Eric Parker. For The Queen of Hearts - Holly Davis, Stephanie Gibson. For The Hatter - Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Morgan James. For The Caterpillar - Larkin Bogan, Kellen Stancil. For The Red Queen - Tess Ferrell, Elena Ricardo. For Dinah - Morgan James, Alexandra Matteo. For Dormouse - Aaron J. Albano, Keven Quillon. For Haigha - Jawan M. Jackson, Blake Whyte. For Bandersnatch - Aaron J. Albano, Fred Inkley.

Swings: Christina DeCicco, Jon Fletcher, Morgan James, Keven Quillon. Dance Captain/Swing: Nathan Lucrezio. Assistant Dance Captain/Swing: Emma Zaks.

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